How To Make Festive Vodka Cocktails

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This time of year, it feels like Bailey's and Prosecco is forced onto us. It's like the law that you HAVE TO wear those paper hats when eating Christmas dinner, despite them slipping over your eyes snd  leaving you searching for Pigs in blankets like a blind lady and ruining your bouncy blow dry, curtsey of brand new heated rollers! WELL NO MORE, I have created a genius way that you can joyfully  sip a vodka cocktail on the big day without causing controversy and shock. This recipe is easy and so festive that you'll be considered as Christmassy as the baby Jesus himself rather than referred to as the Grinch.

1. Get a cupful of fresh cranberries and place in a sealable bottle- just a disclaimer the fresh cranberries aren't sweet like the dried ones so NOT buff to eat by the handful
 2. Add the rind of either 1 lemon or orange, add peels of the skin with a potato peeler not zest by grater since this will leave 'bits' floating in your glass... lovely...
 3. Next up is cinnamon, nothing sweet this time of year is allowed into the household without cinnamon- law. Throw in 2 sticks, any more makes it a little overpowering. Chuck in a pinch of mixed spice just to finish off the festive feel
 4. THE FUN BIT! Pour in a half bottle of vodka (full small bottle) using a funnel, seal up and leave for at least a day but honestly the longer the better. If you find some spare time a few weeks prior, this easy little recipe is perfect to get you ahead of the game. When it comes to serving mix with either cranberry juice or lemonade and enjoy!
 And there you have it, who says you can't make Vodka classy and Christmas appropriate?? 

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